I am a Christian. I love my heavenly Father, Jesus my Savior, and the Holy Spirit.  I am privileged to be the great-grandson, and grandson of elders in the church; my father is a missionary and preacher.  I like to think that I come from good Christian stock.  Some days I can’t decide if I’m a song leader who preaches or a preacher who leads singing.  My church family is the 37th Street church of Christ in Snyder, Texas.

I am a husband and daddy. I love my wife, Sara.  We’ve been married since 2006.  I’m not always the husband she needs (or deserves), but with God’s help I’m becoming the man of her dreams.  Sara and I especially love to do two things together: Sing and cook. Our two toddler boys bring light and joy to our hearts.

I am a Texan. I love wide open spaces, biscuits and gravy, brisket, and fried okra.  I have a Texas star hanging on the outside of my home, next to the front door.

I am a collector of hymnals, pitch pipes, and other items of interest to a cappella church music.

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  1. Since you are a hymnal collector, do you have any suggestions where I could find multiple copies of Great Songs of the Church – with the supplement?


    • Sheila,
      I’m not sure just where you live, but you might look up the older churches of Christ (or even Independent Christian Churches) in your area and ask if they might have some in their basement, attic, or forgotten on a shelf. Abilene Christian University owns the copyright to the hymnal and ACU is out of the hymnal-publishing business after the failure of “Great Songs of the Church, Revised”. Let me know if you meet success!


  2. I am putting together a supplemental hymn book and would like to get the rights to include “I am the Way” which you posted a video of. I am using CCLI to get the rights to use on the other songs but they do not have this song. Could you please help me to get permission to include this song?


    • Chester,

      I’m a little slow this morning, so forgive me. Where do you recall a video of “I Am the Way” on this site? Do you mean the folksy 3/4 song with the lines, “I am the way, the truth, the life,” “Be still and know that I am God,” etc.?

      Hope I can be of assistance, I just need a little more information.


      • The video of the hymn “I am the Way” is posted in the Hymnal Collection area of your web site. It is written by Craig Roberts in 4/4 time with 2 verses.


    • Chester,

      Thanks for helping me out there. The video to which you referred was uploaded in a comment by Tim B., a reader and fellow church music ethusiast from the Fort Worth, Texas area. That’s why I didn’t recall having uploaded it – I didn’t!

      I’ve got your email address. Let me contact some people I know who can probably help you make the right connections and if they think they can, I’ll put them in touch with you. Fair enough?

      Thanks for asking! I need to get back to writing on this site, but having a 15-month old and another on the way has taken time away from hobbies … including this site!


      • Thank you so very much for your help! We have the hymnbook Sacred Songs of the Church by Bro. Jeffcoat since 2007 and we have been missing some of our favorite songs that he left out. So I have gathered together about 94 additional songs into a little booklet. I just about have it ready to go to the printer to make 99 copies for us to use in worship at http://www.wooodlandchurchofchrist.com. I had fun putting this together and have enjoyed your web site very much! I have two sons myself who are now 14 and 12 and yes they can really keep you on your toes. Thanks again and I hope we will be allowed to use this beautifully powerful yet simple song.


  3. My husband was a hymnal collector and I’m wanting to sell his collection but I don’t know how to go about selling them.


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